AI-enabled localization

Machine Translation Quality Estimation

Utilize our advanced machine translation quality estimation technology that combines LLMs with human-in-the-loop techniques to streamline your post-editing process, reducing effort by up to 30%.

AI-Assisted Transcreation

Speed up your transcreation workflow with our AI-powered model, expediting the content release process by 40%.

Multilingual Proprietary AI Chatbot

Tailored to your style guide and content, our chatbot promptly responds to localizers' queries about brand, style, and tone, ensuring uniformity and brand alignment in all your translations.

Human Translation Quality Estimation

With our LLM technology, we easily pinpoint content that requires human review and save up to 30% in QA efforts.

Using LLMs to Drive Inclusivity

Our LLM framework identifies and rectifies exclusive or harmful language in content and translations, suggesting respectful terms that honor gender identities and can be guided to consistently use inclusive language.

Domain-Specific Machine Translation

We enhance machine translation efficiency by employing LLM-based MTQE processes for swift and accurate performance evaluations.

AI-Driven Content Formality Adjustment

Our Centific LLM framework adjusts the tone, style, and formality of your existing content to meet specific audience requirements.

Multilingual Content Generation

Centific’s Honeybee AI offering generates multilingual content tailored to specific audiences, which, after human expert review, can bypass traditional localization processes.

Innovation in localization


AI-Driven Framework

With Honeybee, customers achieve enhanced quality and efficiency, boosted productivity, content consistency, and proactive issue prevention.

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CX Journey Tracking

JourneyMate is our scalable customer experience solution that can save organizations up to 60% in engineering costs.

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Pool of Global Experts

Our OneForma community of 1+ Million in-market specialists with domain expertise who know your services and brand to ensure the right messaging.

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Why Centific?

  • Always Evolving

    From cloud computing to machine learning and GenAI, Centific is constantly advancing and enhancing our services and solutions.

  • Global Reach

    Our globe-spanning network of in-house and external translation resources covers 200+ languages.

  • Customer Experience

    Centific serves as a conduit between technology and industry specialists, enhancing the customer experience for our clients across all sectors in which they operate.

  • Rapid Delivery

    Our reach and experience enable exceptional delivery on tight timelines—often in 24 hours or less.

Why Centific