An Industry at a Crossroads

The healthcare industry generates more data than ever before. But patients are seeing the benefits only slowly. 

Data-driven technologies like machine learning and AI offer an exciting image for the future of care: Instant insights, more effective treatments, and a seamless patient experience. 

Even better, the necessary data for these technologies is already pouring into health organizations from evolved diagnostic tech, wearable technology, electronic health information, and more.  

But too often, that data enters into a maze of legacy systems and departmental silos. As the industry stands now, few organizations are truly equipped with the infrastructure to realize that future. Yet disruptors are ready to pick up the slack – and patients are ready for a better experience.  


Partner with Centific and get the tools to build a better experience for patients and care providers alike. 


Data Readiness

Your solutions are only as strong as your data. Confidently power AI initiatives with a comprehensive suite of data curation and hygiene services.

Intelligent Automation

Relieve the clerical burden by automating administrative and operational tasks, so teams can focus on what matters: providing world-class care.

Language Processing

Voice-to-text and language processing services streamline workflows across your organization, shrinking the time it takes to generate crucial patient reports and summaries.

Intelligent Analysis

Diagnose with new confidence by leveraging neural networks that can draw care-critical conclusions from your unstructured data, including x-rays, medical scans, and pathology images.

Intelligent Digital Platforms

Design and develop custom, purpose-built platforms that improve the patient journey – from self-care to dosage adherence.