Intelligent Solutions for Consumer Electronics

From ideation to data to development, Centific breaks down the obstacles to a great product.

Strategic Consulting

With a customer-first mentality built around design thinking, and a proprietary FUEL methodology, Centific is ready to tackle your toughest and most intractable problems.

AI Enablement

Many consumer applications require unbiased, custom data sets that aren’t easily obtained. Centific curates, labels, and annotates these data sets efficiently and at scale, getting you AI ready.

Translation + Localization

In a truly global world, quality localization at scale is non-negotiable. Centific localizes copy, user experience, and more in ways that are relevant, respectful, and engaging.

Software Development and Engineering

When additional engineering and development talent is needed to get a critical project over the line, tech companies turn to Centific for the qualified, reliable people they need.

Quality Assurance

The eradication of bugs is a never-ending, time-consuming effort – but a critical one. Centific manages and scales these efforts, maintaining products of exceptional quality.