Our end-to-end AI data services

Bringing your AI application from concept to global-scale product

Data Collection

Data Collection

Bringing diverse data together to craft accessible and domain-specific Al experiences 

At Centific, we have decades of experience in delivering tailored, high-quality data sets empowering LLMs/NLP, computer vision, speech, and AR experiences. Our advanced data collection platform, combined with our secure collection labs worldwide, enables us to achieve this at an unparalleled scale.

Data Annotation

Data Annotation

Getting the insights you need in order to train your model 

From object detection to named entity recognition, our domain-segmented annotation teams curate the data to enable Al models to make accurate predictions. At Centific, we do this at scale through our annotation platform, enabling the Al applications you use every day.

Human Feedback

Human Feedback

Empowering models with reinforcement learning from human feedback (RLHF)

As models evolve and learn to generate content, it’s crucial to ensure their outputs are accurate and biases are minimal for development of responsible and accessible AI applications. Leveraging our global talent pool and state-of-the-art technology, we continually refine and enhance model performance over time.

Al Red Teaming

Al Red Teaming

Keeping hallucinations and dangerous biases away from your Al application

As chatbot and generative applications become part of our daily life thanks to LLMs, ensuring your application has robust safeguards to prevent harmful behaviors becomes key. Our Al red teaming services rely on our teams of experts, prompt hacking techniques, and frameworks to keep your model secure.

Fueling a range of AI applications

Optimizing AI and ML model performance using precision training data

Computer Vision

Tackle long-tail problems to boost overall accuracy and efficiency.

LLM Management

Boost large language models with human-like nuances through expert-generated prompts (RLHF).


Source and curate speech for comprehensive, inclusive and global speech models.


Harness advanced collection labs to collect intricate data and enrich AR/VR immersion.


Create experiences to understand user preferences that drive better decision-making.


Deliver precise geolocation and directional data for superior mapping services.

Autonomous Driving

Leverage 3D LIDAR data and image/ video annotation to empower new driving experiences.

Search Relevance

Develop AI-driven, intuitive, user-centric search experiences.


Centific has Billions of Datasets At Your Fingertips

No matter what type of data processing you are working on, our off-the-shelf data portfolio can help accelerate and enhance your project.

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