Our Gen AI Mission

Our mission is simple, yet crucial: To reshape the way businesses operate across data, cloud, applications, software development lifecycle, and localization. We've embraced the transformative potential of Generative AI and elevated it to new dimensions for our clients across the globe. Welcome to a future where innovation meets efficiency.

Our Generative AI Solutions

Experience the future of personalized content at your fingertips with our Gen AI-powered solutions. Our advanced algorithms and contextualizing engines generate high quality, relevant, and accurate content at unmatched speeds, allowing your teams to focus on what matters most across Data, Cloud, Engineering, Application and Localization.



Instant access to real-time data and AI-driven insights

Leverage Gen AI for enterprise data management, analysis, and decision-making to enable on-demand descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive analytics through data exploration and visualization.



Effortlessly execute tasks and delivery across multiple cloud providers

Apply Gen AI for efficient, secure, and responsive enterprise cloud management. With a focus on enhancing various aspects of cloud computing including security, cost optimization via cost benefit analysis, data analytics, anomaly detection, predictive maintenance, resource scaling, and compliance and governance.



Execute lightning-speed code generation and debugging efforts

Deploy Gen AI for software development lifecycle (SDLC) to significant accelerate the engineering and development process, improve code quality, and enhance the collaboration across the development team. A major focus is on streamlining the various stages of software development that involves requirement gathering, design and prototyping, code assistance, test automation, code reviews, bug detection, continuous integration continuous deployment, and project management.



Plug & Play for Enterprise Apps

Incorporate Gen AI with plug and play capabilities for enterprise applications to significantly benefit from enhanced functionality, improved user experience, data-driven insights, and calls to action. Integrating Gen AI into existing software systems through service APIs enables seamless communication between applications and Gen AI services while facilitating data exchange and prompt engineering. This helps tailor the models or services to specific business needs via custom configurations to match an enterprise application's requirement.



Delivering Global Brand Experiences

Elevate Localization productivity with our Honeybee, our proprietary offering, that harnesses the power of AI to enhance language and content development at scale. It reduces costs by performing essential duties such as evaluating machine translation accuracy, making language-based and localization tasks up to 50% more efficient.

Superior Solutions with Critical Advantages

Our solutions are based on 6 pillars that provide Centific with an edge in delivering next-gen digitalized business automation to our customers. It helps them realize business benefits faster to stay ahead of the competition.

Proven Framework

Accelerated adoption and scaling of Gen AI for the enterprise across data, cloud, application, software development lifecycle, including localization.

Plug & Play

Unleashing the power of proven multi-model, 3rd party Gen AI solutions with plug and play integration.

Prompt Engineering

Comprehensive prompt engineering services enhanced with explainable visualization capabilities for better user experiences.


Business contextualization made easy and transparent via configuration of Gen AI services for specific applications across the enterprise portfolio.


Harnessing Gen AI's power to enhance localization by evaluating machine translation accuracy.


Ensuring and adhering to all data security and privacy requirement while empowering business transformation through Gen AI.

Explosive productivity across the organization

  • C-Suite Executives and LOB Directors

    • Unlock the full potential of enterprise data assets
    • Make informed decisions on key business issues
    • Lead the organization to sustained growth and success
  • CIOs and IT Teams

    • Seamlessly manage assets across various cloud providers
    • Optimize and streamline cloud operations for enhanced efficiency and productivity
  • Coders and Developers

    • Swiftly generate code in multiple approved languages
    • Leverage LLMs to ensure compliance and privacy
    • Automated bug categorization, ticket creation, and skill-based assignments
  • Functional Teams

    • Quickly unearth hidden patterns and trends in data
    • Generate visualization-based intelligence reports
    • Derive actionable insights from diverse data sources

AI Data Services

Next-Level services that provide critical support for your global Gen AI initiatives.

Prompt Response

Prompt Response Generation and Curation is vital to optimizing LLM robustness. Our advanced techniques include prompt generation, injection, roleplay, and curation of responses across diverse areas while identifying model vulnerabilities.

RLHF Services

As LLMs evolve and learn, ensuring that predictions are correct with minimal bias is imperative to building Responsible AI applications. Reinforcement Learning from Human Feedback (RLHF) is accomplished through our global talent pool of 1M+ combined with our AI-based techniques to guarantee your models significantly improve over time.

AI Red Teaming

Chatbots and Generative AI have become part of our daily lives thanks to LLMs, so ensuring your applications have robust safeguards to prevent harmful behaviors is a critical mission. Our Al Red Teaming experts have refined Prompt Hacking techniques and frameworks to keep your model safe and secure.

Experience Assessment

Utilizing integrated technologies to gather first-hand user feedback on AI model performance ensures optimal customer experiences. It also maintains the alignment of AI outputs with user expectations.

Our Technology Partners

Enhancing what's possible with the right partner ecosystem