The Perfect Store in the Palm of Your Hand

Lighthouse is an intelligent retail execution and insights platform from Centific that enables decision-makers to save time auditing stores and ensuring high service levels while simultaneously delivering live, actionable insights to central teams.

Four smartphones displaying a retail shelf monitoring app with analytics, photo capture, and inventory.

Drive Impact at Scale

  • Boost Staff Productivity

    • Does my staff have enough time to complete their assigned tasks?
    • Does my staff have time to help customers in-store?
    • How can I keep track of my staff’s activities and task status?
  • Maintain Physical and Digital Asset Integrity

    • Are products arranged at the right location according to planogram design?
    • Does the price tag reflect the most updated POS data?
    • Is the promotion executed properly?
    • Is there any OOS or Phantom Inventory in the store?
    • Is there a low-performing SKU that I should swap for a better one?
    • What product should I plan for an upcoming order?
  • Retail Insight Collection

    • What is the share of shelf and profitability of products in the same group?
    • How is this store performing compared to others?
    • Is there a custom price or assortment promotion this store can benefit from based on local preferences?

A Radical Approach to Reinventing or Modernizing Legacy Systems

Manage your enterprise at scale. No more gut feelings and analysis paralysis. Leverage timely, real-world data to the benefit of your customers.

Digital Audit

Significantly reduce in-store auditing time with our mobile app’s advanced AR features for merchandising validation and planogram compliance checks at scale, which also helps you collect stock insights with ease for proactive inventory management and corrective actions.

Retail Insights

Keep a pulse on moments of truth with live information on share of shelf, shrink, profitability, workforce productivity, store benchmarking, and NPD success. Lighthouse delivers actionable insights to help you adapt pricing, assortment, and inventory markdowns.

Retail Upsells

Get insights that help you create a more effective pitch for store-specific upsells, increase in-store revenue, and share real-time, call-to-action reports with HQ sales teams.