Future Proof Logistics

Your business changes to meet the demands of unforeseen circumstances.  Your logistics should change to keep pace.

Logistics is an integral aspect of the supply chain connecting warehouses, manufacturers and end-users such as vendors, customers, suppliers, and other third parties, including shipping and postal services parties. It encompasses a wide range of activities that ensure material movement takes place seamlessly and efficiently from one destination to the other.

Transformation of the industry is accelerated by the global pandemic, resulting in volume spikes, delayed deliveries, delays in procuring goods, unexpected transit halts, and shortages and inefficiencies of manpower.

In the future, customers and all the actors involved in the supply chain processes will expect in having full visibility and transparency on the distribution processes. Adopting cloud based digitally enabled solutions can be the foundation for end-to-end visibility.


Centific provides the tools to increase revenue growth, cost optimization and productivity growth in your supply chain.


Visibility Platforms

Provide transparency into the entire supply chain through digital experiences that your customers and employees trust to drive efficient decision making and better outcomes.

Supply Chain Intelligence

Curate, ingest, and label data generated across the supply chain to infuse intelligence throughout the supply chain to drive transparency, efficiency, and predictability.

Direct to Consumer Enablement

Establish direct-to-consumer relationships through new business models that that drive engagement and growth through co-creation and collaborative ways of working.
Design Thinking

Last Mile Delivery Experiences

Create differentiation and customer loyalty by transforming last-mile delivery from a moment of convenience to a trustworthy experience in areas such as curbside pickup, contactless delivery, and order fulfillment.