The price of disconnection

Brands that cannot offer truly localized experiences everywhere will fall behind in the race for customers.

Today’s digital customer chooses brands that understand them – which means understanding their language and culture.  

As a result, localization today is not a luxury. Yet too often, quality localization comes at luxury prices. It’s not easy to be good, fast, and affordable, at scale, but that’s the imperative in an accelerating world

AI-driven localization excellence


AI-assisted resourcing

We leverage AI to identify the right resources from our global network of translation and content professionals, based on bandwidth, individual strengths, and specializations. 

Intelligent localization

Intelligent solutions streamline every step of localization, from engineering, to translation, to production and QA. The result is better quality content, localized in as few as 24 hours.

Augmented QA

Translation errors are embarrassing and sometimes damaging. AI can address hard-to-identify translation errors preventively, giving you confidence in your published content.
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Learn about our AI-Infused Platform with End-to-End AI/ML Data Enablement and Language Services Functionality


Global Reach

Our globe-spanning network of in-house and external translation resources covers 200+ languages. 

Follow-the-sun Model

A global team collaborates on localization that never sleeps, delivering quality at speed.

Rapid Delivery

Our reach and experience enable delivery on tight timelines – often 24 hours or less. 

Unmatched experience 

With skills honed over more than 20 years, our teams have developed a vast body of work.

Always Evolving

From cloud computing to machine learning and AI, Centific is constantly advancing.
Jonas Ryberg

Centific offers a unique combination of skills in Data, Intelligence, and Experiences that enables our localization team to deliver high quality language services in new and improved ways.

Jonas Ryberg, Chief Globalization Officer