Honeybee: Leading Tech and Software Firm Optimizes Machine Translation

Highly relevant translation and personalization have become must-haves for companies the world over. To grow in a global market, communication must serve the true face of the customer even when supporting massive data volumes across an ever-expanding customer base
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About Our Client

Our client is a leading provider of technology products and services, operating in the fields of consumer electronics, computer software, and online platforms. Its goal was to enable the company’s machine translation (MT) engine to support more languages and deliver higher-quality translations in real time.

The Business Problem

Our client already had basic MT capabilities and aimed to improve and expand rather than design and build. However, our client experienced significant challenges with translating large volumes of multilingual data at scale within a limited budget.

The Solution: Honeybee

Our client adopted Honeybee, Centific’s large language model (LLM) framework, and a human-in-the-loop (HITL) approach to automate machine translation quality estimation (MTQE) and minimize editing requests for translations with scores above 95%.

In addition to achieving substantial increases in language performance, our client also deployed Honeybee to:

  • Eliminate barriers found in traditional TMS platforms through the creation of a customized translation solution
  • Increase efficiency and productivity of string-based translation, allowing multiple translators to work on the same project simultaneously
  • Optimize localization workflow, accuracy, and quality by centralizing recruitment, onboarding, translation, and review with Oneforma, a Centific platform


Honeybee LLM helped our client to:

  • Customize setups that better meet the company’s needs
  • Boost global accessibility and understanding at scale
  • Reduce the total cost of MT processes by 30%

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