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Systems of Intelligence

Implement powerful AI solutions to accelerate business transformation.

Data Collection & Annotation

Enable and advance AI initiatives with the right training data, at scale.

Digital Safety

Prevent and protect your business against fraud across every stage of the customer journey.

CMO.AI: Growth Marketing

Data-driven optimization strategies for sustainable business growth.

Localization Services

Build customer relationships across borders with localization powered by intelligence.

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Forecasting, Demand & Promotion Planning

Forecasting, Demand & Promotion Planning

Actionable analytics that deliver impact at scale.

Meerkat is an all-in-one demand, pricing, and promotions planning cloud platform that gives users the ability to deliver the right product, at the right moment, at the right price, simultaneously delivering financial value for your stakeholders.

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In-Store Behavior Analysis

In-Store Behavior Analysis

Behavior-based insights ​that drive frictionless store experiences

Powered by computer vision technology and self-learning behavior anomaly detection, Scout helps retailers reduce shrink, optimize operations, strengthen customer loyalty, and protect their bottom line.

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Digital Auditing & Shelf Intelligence

Digital Auditing & Shelf Intelligence

Immediate insights to optimize productivity and drive customer conversion

Lighthouse is an intelligent retail execution and insights platform that cuts in-store auditing time and delivers real-time, actionable insights to accelerate audits and boost retail efficiencies.

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Advanced Anomaly Detection

Advanced Anomaly Detection

AI-powered data anomaly detection that prioritizes agility and problem solving​

Focusing on anomalies to expose unusual patterns, deviations, or exceptions, Sherlock automatically detects abnormalities and prompt immediate correction, at scale.


Global Experience Assessment  

Global Experience Assessment  

In-market intelligence to unlock opportunities across your global landscape

Dragonfly is an intelligent, people-powered solution that assesses your brand at scale, delivering local market intelligence and persona-based insights on your global customer experience.


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How Behavioral Data Can Be Used to Empower Business Decisions​

Understanding and managing crowds is a science, and a growing shift in safety and experience means organizations need to rethink their approach. Whether it's understanding a customer's in-store behavior, detecting fraud at self-checkouts, or identifying on-premises hazards, capturing behavioral data is crucial to success.


CMO.AI: Empowering the Insights-Driven CMO

Major shifts in competition and customer behavior are propelling enterprises into a new data-driven era. Tasked with leading the charge, CMOs are being asked to leverage data in new ways – and at the same time, squeeze more out of their budgets. It's a perfect storm of challenges, all aimed at the CMO.

The State of Localization

The State of Localization

The field of localization has evolved rapidly. But has it “arrived”? On the one hand, localization is integral to most businesses’ global growth aspirations. If you’re a business that aspires to expand its operations across multiple countries, you can’t afford to ignore localization.

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