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Centific Gains Major Recognition in 2024 Everest Group Analytics & AI Services Peak Matrix

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Helping tech innovators bring GenAI to the masses

  • Global Leader in Smartphones, Tablets, and Music

    Trained a foundational model at scale by leveraging PhD-level domain experts and data scientists for the collection, curation, and testing of complex, high-quality code.

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  • World's Largest eCommerce Retailer

    Fine-tuned a large-scale RAG system using LLMs for an interactive and safe conversational experience, helping customers find answers to product questions across categories.

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  • Leading Developer of GenAI hardware & software

    Assured strict adherence to safety and governance policies for a leading AI assistant product team’s foundational model through prompt authoring and multi-turn red teaming, unifying 12+ domains in one customized interface.

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  • Microsoft

    Developed a method to systematically measure and rank harm within multiple versions of customers’ foundational models while tracking model iterations and parameters.

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Your complete partner for safely deploying GenAI

Source high-quality data for a multimodal future

From text to images, video, and audio, we provide the data needed to train leading foundational models, ensuring your company can achieve the same success.

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Fine-tune the right models for the right use cases

Optimize LLMs with reinforcement learning from human feedback (RLHF) and domain expert insights to tailor them for a variety of use cases.

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Employ frameworks for governance and safe monitoring

Utilize Centific’s SafeAI frameworks and red teaming services to minimize risk and ensure the safe launch of your GenAI applications.

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Contextualize LLMs for global markets

Leverage Centific’s global crowd to localize large language models (LLMs) for language, cultural relevance, and norms, ensuring they are tailored to specific global markets.

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Delivering high-quality data for tailored outcomes

Centific’s robust network of certified experts spans industries, domains, countries, and languages to deliver the highest quality output—regardless of the data type. Our rich history in language and data services and global domain experts make us uniquely positioned to tackle the challenges of localization and contextualization of GenAI.

  • 15 +


  • 230


  • 1.8 M +

    Domain Experts

  • 150 +

    PhDs & Data Scientists

Certified domain expertise for unique use cases

Leverage our robust workforce of domain experts to fine-tune your private LLMs and RAG chatbots, ensuring they are expertly tailored to meet specific needs.

  • Consumer Goods

  • Retail

  • Logistics

  • Supply Chain

  • Order Management

  • Travel

  • Insurance

  • Healthcare

  • Entertainment

  • Science

  • Customer Service

  • Coding

  • Banking

  • Legal

  • Creative Writing

Your integrated GenAI ecosystem under one roof

Human-Powered Data + AI for Enterprises

OneForma is an enterprise-grade AI enablement platform
leveraging more than 1M users in 230+ markets.

Supercharge your data pipeline with process semi-automation

Get faster results with our semi-automated enrichment, combining expert knowledge and algorithmic speed. Deploy market-leading GenAI applications quickly and safely.

Enterprise AI applications for high value use cases

Pitaya is a tailored, flexible, expandable platform for faster ROI realization, workforce optimization without extra CAPEX, and optimized OPEX.