Perfecting Global Localization Efforts with Human in the Loop

By Sergio Bruccoleri, Teresa Ortiz, and Selvaggia Cerquetti

In our latest guide, learn about business best practices for accelerating the distribution of digital content in multiple languages to hundreds of markets while significantly improving the overall customer experience.

Some of the common challenges that businesses face when localizing their content are:

  • Choosing the right target markets and languages based on your audience and growth potential.
  • Adapting and formatting the language and high-visual content such as images, videos, and graphics that may require different layouts, fonts, colors, and symbols for different cultures to best align with the cultural, linguistic, and contextual components of each market.
  • Developing a consistent and efficient workflow for creating and publishing localized content across multiple platforms and channels so cost reduction can become part of your continuous improvement.
  • Leveraging the right tools and technologies to automate and streamline the localization process and achieve an optimal time to market to be ahead of the competition.
  • Time to market must be in synch with main market, delivering local versions within 24 or 48 hours into 100+ languages can be challenging without a fully automated workflow.
  • Choosing the right partner that will make your content stand out from the competition requires finding the supplier with innovation capabilities to transform programs but also one with a demonstrated track record on quality.

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