Bringing Real-Time Sight to Drone Delivery

Providing the control and clarity necessary for drone delivery through human-centric design and a powerful, custom-made platform.
Bringing Real Time Sight to Drone Delivery

The client, a US-based hospital-to-hospital drone delivery service, sought new visibility over the status and whereabouts of its delivery fleet. In a business where health is on the line and cargo is truly precious, the organization needed a modern solution to make efficient decision-making possible at scale.

Leveraging information gleaned over a robust user research phase, the Centific team created a bespoke platform to keep tabs on drone deliveries in real-time – and with a focus on trust, safety, and human centricity.

Key Successes

  • Developed and deployed a custom platform for drone visibility in just five months
  • Crafted a user experience driven by people, market, and growth fit
  • Implemented an agile, iterative deployment framework

Experience by Fit

Building a custom platform for a burgeoning industry like this one means managing several sources of risk. To mitigate that risk for our client, the Centific team acted with “fit” as a top priority – ensuring our platform solves the right problems for the right people, provides a truly valuable service within its market, and is inherently scalable from the outset.

To accomplish this, we grounded our project in an in-depth audience research phase, anchored by a series of working sessions designed to build empathy for our user. In doing so, we were able to glean critical UX and CX insights, which served as a guide toward our end goal: a minimum viable product (MVP) that was truly intuitive for those using it - operators and recipients alike.

A Powerfully Lovable Platform

With UX and CX insights setting our course forward, our team developed a custom platform tailored to the needs of both drone operators and delivery recipients. We leveraged FUEL, our proprietary sprint-based methodology for product development, to deliver an innovative offering in record time: just five months.

Executing on the insights from our discovery phase, our MLP delivered on an ambitious wish-list of capabilities, including real-time drone trackingreal-time delivery status, and route management for optimal delivery.


Now at work in the wild, this platform plays a valuable role in orchestrating deliveries between hospitals. Currently, this digital experience is being scaled up to serve even more hospitals and campus environments, and the core experience is being applied to residential and commercial drone deliveries as well.