JourneyMate: Online Retailer Improves Global Customer Experiences

Satisfied customers, proactive experience assessment, and rapid issue resolution are critical components of high-performing brands. With JourneyMate, you can maintain quality standards at lightning speed, even at staggering request volumes.
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About Our Client

Our client is a world-leading e-commerce company that operates in 55 markets, delivering a wide range of products and services. Its goal was to provide a consistent and seamless customer experience across different regions and platforms to increase conversion rates, retention rates, and revenue.

The Business Problem

To meet these goals, our client required greater data on how customers were interacting with their website and mobile app, including where clients were exiting the customer journey as well as what factors impacted satisfaction and loyalty. Our client lacked an effective method of tracking and analyzing customer journeys at scale. In place of more effective methods, our client relied on outdated, manual processes (e.g., spreadsheets and screenshots), which prove to be time-consuming, error-prone, and limited in scope.

The Solution: JourneyMate

Our client integrated JourneyMate (Centific’s browser-based solution with journey-tracking capabilities) with their existing systems (Jira and Airtable). This integration enabled our client to create, manage, and monitor customer journey experiments across different regions and platforms. Our client further supported this deployment by integrating with OneForma, a platform that connects brands with diverse pools of talent who can perform customer journey assessments in multiple languages and contexts.

Our client also managed to:

  • Reduce “high-degree” human effort cost
  • Add structured, clean data that can be leveraged as is
  • Share assessment results and feedback with stakeholders and collaborators in real time
  • Simplify identification of issues in the customer journey through heatmaps, funnel charts, session recordings, surveys, and other tools


Deploying JourneyMate empowered our client to:

  • Proactively identify and address problems in the user experience and increase sales in each of their 55 markets
  • Scale up exercises monthly across markets and platforms
  • Replace resources cost by 40% by collaborating with targeted, cost-effective OneForma talent
  • Reduce project management and technical involvement by 60%, streamlining data gathering and cleaning processes

Client quote: "The difference between JourneyMate and our previous process is that JourneyMate is built for scale and solves a process that we knew wasn’t meant to last, but nothing existed to solve it until now.

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