Human-driven localization for a global communications platform

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Human-driven localization for a global communications platform

The client, a major global communications platform for more than 15 years, needed to maintain the quality and consistency of content across all aspects of its business, online and offline. However, the large scale and global reach of the network made 24/7 service consistency a challenge. Tackling this challenge would require a significant workforce, as well as specialized localization infrastructure tailored to the client to cover close to 100 markets. 

Centific was engaged to use its extensive network of language and localization professionals to develop and deploy a solution that would pave the way for better business operations. 


  • Provided resources to execute on a range of localization services 
  • Established a three-party system for efficient localization resourcing 
  • Implemented tools for greater data visibility and automation


The client needed a partner with the resources to facilitate a wide range of global localization services, including transcreation, voiceover, and language quality and moderation. However, localization at scale requires unique and powerful infrastructure as well as significant human resources. Leveraging Centific’s resource network, and aided by intelligent systems, our team developed a highly integrated localization platform tailored specifically to the global needs of the client.

Integral to this platform is a cyclical, three-party system that sees experienced project managers working synergistically with thousands of resources throughout the world. Delivery between these parties is facilitated by a powerful proprietary cloud-based system, OneForma. The result is a collaborative, closed-loop workflow that is both efficient and accommodating to the client’s localization efforts. To ensure the resulting content was high-quality and error-free, a dedicated, end-to-end quality management team took full ownership over the QA process, working within their own custom quality framework.  


In addition to localization tools, the platform provides a suite of resources for data quality and visibility, including a new KPI framework that provides greater insight into performance. The platform also automates key aspects of job and workflow management and standardizes processes around aggregated status and BI tracking. Together, these features aid in streamlining business processes across the entire network, both online and offline, thus helping drive productivity and ensuring consistent operations. 


When Centific was engaged by the client, it was with the goal of creating a more stable, more reliable communications network. When scale posed a challenge, our teams leveraged a network that spans the globe to develop and deploy a custom digital solution fit for a modern enterprise. With greater visibility into their business and a localization platform built for efficiency and consistency, the client can operate and evolve confidently on the global stage and provide the service that customers expect.