Accelerate Your End-to-End GenAI Lifecycle

Our integrated approach for companies to deliver Generative AI to market safely, reliably, and efficiently.

Where is your business in its GenAI lifecycle and how can Centific help you move faster, maintain quality, and scale for the future?

With over 25 years in engineering and localization, Centific is perfectly positioned for today’s challenges in developing GenAI products, with process automation platforms designed for efficiency and a community of SMEs sourced for safety and quality output.

We meet creators where they are in their GenAI journeys. Depending on team composition or maturity, we can help with:

  • Data sourcing and preparation across data types
  • Prompt response + authoring
  • Model selection + fine tuning
  • Safe AI practices like Redteaming and RLHF
  • Application building
  • Localization for 230+ locales 
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