Building a domain sales platform ready for the world stage

When one of the internet’s largest domain registrars needed a new website of their own, the Centific team created a global platform that delivered a superior experience to a worldwide customer base.
Diverse group of people holding icons for search, share, settings, mail, and location.

The client, a globally known domain registrar and web hosting company, was looking to launch a new website to refresh and revitalize its brand. But with more than 17 million customers across the world, this new digital destination would need to cater to a multinational audience. This posed complex questions surrounding language, design, personalization, and localization – none with easy solutions. 

To solve for these problems, the client engaged Centific for end-to-end digital services, including website development, content creation, localization, and publishing. Our team provided industry-leading experience in digital to create and launch a website built with localization best practices in mind and big data capabilities built-in. 


  • Designed, developed, and deployed a custom Sitecore website 
  • Implemented an effective personalization and localization system 
  • Equipped the client with tools for data analytics 


There are many moving parts that go into a modern website, and the Centific team was ready to take ownership over all of them. Centific served as the client’s one-stop digital shop, providing both backend and frontend services tailored to their distinct business goals. 

Our experts came together to execute the architecting, design, copywriting, development, and launch of the new website, choosing the Sitecore development platform for its multi-language compatibility and flexible module-based functionality. Our team also developed original content and creative assets with a decidedly strategic eye. The result is a distinct design system that distinguishes the brand among the competition.  


Ensuring this website functioned internationally was a principal concern of the client, so personalization and localization were immediate considerations. Built on Sitecore, the website is, at a base level, tailored to a multi-lingual and heavily personalized approach. A flexible, module-based structure provides site owners and developers with the tools to reuse and refashion modules so that personalization is easier, more engaging, and consistently successful. 

The site’s visual identity was also tailored to the client’s localization efforts. From region to region, things like image size, font size, color scheme, and layout had to be considered. Our localization experts standardized the site’s design on a highly granular level, ensuring that the look and feel of the site was compatible with a global audience. 

Finally, market-specific rules were defined to allow the enabling and disabling of modules based on locale selection, and tokens were used to manage product catalog and pricing in each market, ensuring a consistent experience in all instances of purchase or registration. 


During the project, the client expressed interest in applying big data and data analysis to further strengthen their marketing and positioning. Leveraging the features of the Sitecore development platform, Centific team members made it possible for the client to collect user behavior and preferences, which could then be analyzed and purposed for a range of applications, most importantly the honing and repositioning of marketing materials. 


As a long-established authority in domain sales and registry, it was imperative that the client had an engaging website that worked all over the world. With the help of the Centific team, the client discovered a totally reimagined brand, reinvigorated both creatively and functionally. Now equipped with the tools to better analyze and activate their user data, this is a business with the resources and information it needs to exist in the modern market.