Intelligent, Sales-Ready Lead Generation For A Global Tech Giant

Discover how optimized campaigns, a streamlines sales process, and a custom insights dashboard helped a China technology behemoth enable full-funnel visibility and the ability to react quickly to campaign performance.

During the peak of the pandemic, our client committed to supplying organizations with Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) direct from Chinese manufacturers. To meet its sales targets, the company needed to quickly generate leads and convert them into paying customers.

Battling new advertising regulations on Google and LinkedIn, the client needed a nimble, global partner with marketing and operations expertise to navigate this highly challenging and constantly shifting landscape.

•    Optimized Google Ads + LinkedIn campaigns for enhanced targeting
•    Streamlined the sales process for maximizing conversions
•    Built a custom MS Power BI dashboard for real-time insights + reporting

Our deep experience with the Chinese market helped our team deliver and optimize Google Ads and LinkedIn campaigns that captured high-intent, qualified leads for PPE.

In addition to amplifying our client's brand as a reliable supplier during a time of high demand, our team streamlined the sales process, helping to ensure leads were converting efficiently into paying customers.

Leveraging MS Power BI, our data and engineering teams designed a robust, real-time reporting dashboard that connected Google Ads and LinkedIn, Adobe Experience Cloud data, and Google Analytics metrics, enabling quick decision-making for targeting and optimization.

Comparing sales nurture data with advertising and web metrics powers on-the-fly adjustments to ad creative and sales processes as trends develop.
High-performing campaigns at the top of the funnel with poor sales quality were easily redirected, leading to optimized resources and advertising spend.