IT + Ops, Fully Automated

SmartOps helps IT and Operations teams resolve issues proactively, so they focus on the work that matters.

Our SmartOps Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) services leverage automation and intelligence to boost enterprise resiliency and reliability.

Powered by AI and advanced analytics, SmartOps delivers a suite of integrated SRE services and accelerators to help businesses analyze, detect, and resolve issues faster with less human intervention.

With AI handling the daily grind of repetitive tasks, SmartOps helps IT and Operations teams streamline processes, unlock new efficiencies, and invest more time in innovation – within budget and without losing resources.

Integrated Across IT

  • DevOps

    DevOps bridges gaps between Development and IT to speed up the software lifecycle.

    We help organizations accelerate integration, testing, and release processes and throughput to enable a faster time to market.

    • Streamlined Pipeline Management​
    • CI/CD Managed Services​
    • Build, Test, Release Handling​
    • Orchestration Unification & Normalization
  • Intelligent Monitoring

    Intelligent monitoring leverages machine learning and AI insights for better decision-making.

    Our real-time network, application, and infrastructure monitoring enable faster issue detection and response.

    • Network & Infrastructure Surveillance
    • 24x7 Real-Time Service Management
    • Swift Issue Detection & Management
    • Metrics Gathering & Analysis
  • Digital Service Management

    Digital service management improves the reliability and effectiveness of digital services.

    Centific unites the enterprise at the service level, enhancing IT efficiency, maintenance, and security.

    • L1/L2 Issue Management & Resolution
    • Continuous Global Service Assurance
    • Live Site Engineering & Management​
    • Issue-Resolution Optimization
  • SecOps

    SecOps integrates security into operations to ensure your infrastructure is protected.

    We implement best practices to help teams build, test, and release software faster and more reliably.

    • Critical Threat & Vulnerability Detection
    • SecOps Practice & Process Integration
    • Software Development Security Reliability
    • Security & Compliance Governance
SmartOps Service Brief

Unlocking IT Efficiency

SmartOps boosts accuracy, reliability, and productivity across IT’s five core pillars: DevOps, Monitoring, Support, Data, and Security.

Our Approach