A New Generation of Innovation

A new breed of company has grown up in the digital economy: agile, lean, and with data-driven innovation in their DNA.  

Without physical inventory, and running an efficient back office on the cloud, the internet native brand lives by the reach of their networks, the value of their products, and the brilliance of their people. But a lean, data-intensive approach can come with challenges.  

As AI demands more and more data, even the biggest internet natives lack the bandwidth to curate, collect, annotate, and localize all the information they’ll need to power the next generation of innovation. And despite the array of talent in-house, sometimes the toughest problems benefit from an informed external perspective – but that can be hard to find. 


Centific tackles problems standing in the way of delivery – and identifies new ones to solve. 


Strategic Consulting

With expertise in the co-creation of products with customers and partners, and an experience design mentality, Centific can steer internal teams toward impactful solutions.

AI Enablement

Many unique AI applications require equally unique and high-quality data sets. Centific specializes in the large-scale curation, annotation, and labeling of these data sets.

Translation + Localization

Centific is at the leading edge of localization at scale, from copy and other aspects of the user experience to the datasets required to train voice assistants and other AI applications.

Software Development and Engineering

Internet native brands are stacked with engineering and development talent – but a little more can never hurt. Centific provides the people that deliver critical projects.

Quality Assurance

QA is unglamorous, but impactful. Centific handles QA at scale, ensuring your users continue to enjoy a seamless experience.