Digital Advertising + Capacity Management For A Collision Repair King

Discover how equipping our client with the intelligence to deliver local, in-store resources at scale helped maximize its advertising dollars, drive traffic effectively to low-demand locations, and improve customer service as a result.

After an investment from a world-renowned capital firm, our client needed to demonstrate an effective marketing and advertising spend, while expanding their efforts beyond traditional, non-digital media.
Our client was looking to expand their business and needed to maximize advertising dollars to drive traffic effectively to underperforming locations. They also needed to manage store capacity to ensure customer satisfaction and positive in-store experiences.

However, poorly coordinated stores and marketing programs had resulted in some locations operating over capacity while others struggled to generate revenue. Without an effective way to coordinate these objectives, our client was wasting money on ads that weren't reaching the right people or locations.

•    Maximized advertising dollars through targeted programmatic campaigns
•    Enhanced visibility into store capacity and customer behavior
•    Improved customer satisfaction and loyalty through optimized staffing

Through our analysis and optimization efforts, we were able to provide insight on where and how to allocate advertising dollars for maximum impact.
Our team transitioned the client to highly measurable, local programmatic advertising programs without the inflexible agreements of traditional media, enabling more targeted campaigns and boosting ROI.

Our team's foot traffic analysis enabled the client to optimize the allocation of in-store resources to ensure maximum efficiency.

Leveraging MS Power BI, we connected Google Analytics, advertising platforms, local weather data, and a customized service booking platform, we helped the client achieve a centralized view of customer behavior and in-store capacity that resulted in better business decisions.

By providing the client with visibility into store capacity and customer behavior, we were able to better optimize staffing levels at specific locations, resulting in more satisfaction and repeat business from customers.

The client reallocated advertising dollars away from stores at full capacity to stores in need of customers in real-time, driving foot traffic and revenue to underperforming locations.
Advertising budgets were spent efficiently, driven by highly measurable programs that helped justify additional spend and demonstrate growth to investors.