The Search for a Source of Truth

Advanced efforts to make use of data often founder on two basic questions: what data do you hold – and what can you trust?  

Enterprises often realize they have a data problem only when they generate dubious or conflicting insights from data – or no insights at all.  

But low-quality output typically reflects a systemic issue. It may be that data is duplicated across disconnected systems of record, is corrupt, or isn’t gathered in a way that reflects business logic.  

As AI enters the picture and data becomes a competitive advantage, businesses urgently need the infrastructure to underpin a single source of truth. Without it, attempts to clean and use data are just treating the symptoms of a deeper data problem.  

Putting Data on Strong Foundations


Data Pipeline

Centific’s Data Science + Engineering capabilities encompass the creation, monitoring, and maintenance of the data pipeline, optimizing and automating the flow of data.

Cloud Data Migration

For enterprises looking to embrace the scalability of cloud, our engineering team architects and implements secure solutions on AWS, Azure, and more.

Data Warehouses + Data Lakes

Critical to any analytics or AI effort is the consolidation of data – structured or unstructured – into a single source of truth. We can solution and build it.

Data Preparation

Proper data hygiene is critical. Our Data Management capabilities encompass ingestion, transformation, cleaning, and reduction of data.

Experience Design

With expertise in visualization tools including Tableau, Power BI, and others, we put a face to your data, enabling everything from executive dashboards to deep dives.

Why Centific?

Consulting Approach

Whether your goal is insights, data monetization, or AI enablement, we craft the roadmap.

Technology Agnostic

From database and stream-processing, to cloud platforms to BI, we assemble the optimal tech stack.

Regulatory + Industry Expertise

A deep understanding of GDPR and other global data privacy regulation ensures built-in compliance.

Experience Mindset

Experts in data visualization, we never lose sight of the humans who ultimately use the data.
Narayana Murthy

A major data project has impact across the entire business – which is both an opportunity and a challenge. That makes it very important to take a holistic approach to any data project, and never to forget the human factor.  

Narayana Murthy, Regional Head, India