Data Curation

When the data doesn’t come to you, sometimes it’s necessary to go get the data.  

Intelligent systems can do amazing things – from converting speech to text, to identifying objects and people, to recognizing sentiment.  

There’s just one problem: these feats require data. And data at the scale required may be nonexistent – or unreliable. Existing public datasets may be poor-quality or even seriously biased, depending on why and how they were collected.  

Recruiting people to collect data can be done, but it’s management-intensive and incredibly hard to scale – and still doesn’t guarantee you quality or variety. Those things require specialist curation expertise that even an enterprise-level company may find challenging to build. 

Fueling a Range of AI Applications


Image Labeling + Object Recognition

Recognition of objects within images enables new experiences – and in contexts such as self-driving cars, life-saving interventions. Pactera EDGE delivers the training data to make it happen.

Query Categorization

Annotating queries to show what user searches are about helps AI-driven search suggestions become more powerful and relevant.

Audio Transcription

Voice technologies have applications far beyond home assistants. Pactera EDGE can provide voice-enabling data for a wide variety of contexts and situations.

Intent Annotation

The core training of every Natural Language Processing (NLP) model, a human recognizes user intent, helping smart assistants and bots get smarter.

Machine Translation

If your business speaks a language, your AI should speak it too. Our AI Data Localization offering enables clients to train AI in a multitude of languages.

Data Collection

Data collected from a variety of contexts is critical to robust AI. Centific can build Custom Data Sets to meet specific needs, and leverage existing collections of high-quality data.

Map Annotation

High-quality local recommendations depend on the details only a local would know. Our judges compare information on maps to queries, and pinpoint improvement opportunities.
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Learn about our AI-Infused Platform with End-to-End AI/ML Data Enablement and Language Services Functionality

What Data Is Making Possible


Follow people on a live broadcast

AI can track the movements of athletes in sports to enable new insights, or automatically recognize a celebrity’s face.  


Understand customer emotions

Infer customer emotions from their voice or facial expressions, spot issues or trends, and find at-risk clients. 


Make local recommendations personal

Combine user preferences with rich datasets to make the perfect local recommendation.  

Why Centific?

All in OneForma™

A single, powerful platform handles everything from user recruitment to workflows to analytics.

Global Resources

Pactera EDGE has a talent pool of hundreds of thousands of individuals from around the world.

Flexible Approach

Our team can quickly build and launch web apps to meet the needs of more demanding projects.

Data Security

Strong confidentiality and robust data security measures ensure that your data stays yours.