The Conversion and Retention Challenge

With much of the purchase journey now online, you’re under the microscope from the moment a prospect finds you.  

In a world where customer experience is a battleground, a strong digital platform pays for itself in sales and customer retention – and a poor one comes at a cost.  

But what does a great experience look like to a buyer? And how do you bring that to life through creative and technology? A digital platform has many moving parts, and ensuring they work together isn’t easy.

Solutions from Concept to Code


Platform Strategy

To plan the journey, you need to define the destination. We assemble a multi-disciplinary team to explore your audience and goals and draw up your strategic roadmap.

User Experience Design

UX is the difference between a platform that looks the part and one that plays the part. We design research-driven digital experiences that address audience expectations and behaviors.  

Visual Design

Data can tell you what to create, but only inspiration can make it compelling. Our art directors and designers bring years of experience turning strategy into visual magic.

Copy + SEO

A well-optimized site gets you found in search; a perfectly-messaged one gets you noticed. Our content and SEO teams work hand in hand to ensure your site achieves both goals.

Solution Architecture + Development

Centific’s technology and development teams leverage their experience to select, build out, and deliver the right technology stack at the right time.

Global Websites

An English-language website is just a starting point for many enterprises. The Centific globalization team translates and localizes websites to deliver relevant experiences across the world.

Platform Data Analytics

The ability to access, analyze, and act on platform data is mission-critical. Our digital platform experience allows us to breathe new life into old data, generating fresh insights. 

Digital Promotion

You can build it – but will your users find it? Our  digital agency services promote standout  experiences  through omnichannel digital marketing and  AI-infused  globalization.   


Decades of experience

Over $3 billion in client sales enabled for a roster of clients from startups to enterprise.

Human-centric, performance-driven

We build high-performing platforms by uncovering the needs of actual users.

Art meets science

Strategy and design combine to ensure each project is equal parts observation and inspiration.
Jenn McCoy

A good online store is no longer enough – the ecommerce experience is now part of the product. Websites need the ability to learn about shoppers, personalize experiences, and offer enhanced and flexible shopping experiences – including through AR and innovative headless technologies.


- Jenn McCoy, VP, Client Services