Getting AI off the Drawing Board

Enterprise leaders know AI has promise. But promise alone won’t solve the problems that keep them awake at night.  

AI can seem like an answer in search of a question. And the technology is far from plug-and-play: To be effective, AI models need to be trained on quality data, platforms need to be integrated, and everything must be tied back to business intelligence.  

As a result, leaders are intrigued by the possibilities – but understandably wary about placing big bets and unsure about where to start.  

Yet AI can be the competitive edge enterprise has been waiting for. Finding success, however, demands a clear idea of what you want AI to do for you – and the know-how to translate those needs into cutting-edge technology.

Making AI a Reality


Business Discovery Workshops

We go hands-on with teams to identify big-picture business objectives and come to an agreement on the best use case for AI within your organization.

Cognitive Platforms

We offer customizable solutions for applications such as customer service and sales training (PrepTalk) and intelligent automation.

Enterprise AI Integrations

Build a robust internal AI ecosystem by integrating with today’s leading cloud platforms, including Azure, GCP, and AWS.

Deep Learning + Machine Learning Solutions

Unlock the potential of your image, voice, video, text, and other data to automate processes and power new experiences.

Bespoke AI Platforms

The Centific team tailors AI models to solve specific business problems, concepting, designing, and training solutions to the wide-ranging needs of the modern enterprise.

Why Centific?

Custom Solutions

We build ownable solutions for clients off a strong base of knowledge, code, and experience.

Equipped for Efficiency

A repository of 200,000+ lines of reusable code lets us develop AI offerings at an unmatched pace.


We think like your solution’s users, concepting and planning solutions with genuine use cases.
Vasudevan Sundarababu

Organizations want AI, but the role it will play isn’t always clear to them. The Centific team helps clients see how these models can solve their business problems – and then realized those solutions in record time.


Vasudevan Sundarababu, SVP, Head of Digital Engineering Practice